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I think that doesn’t even make any sense… Wanna be hooked up… I think I should correct the title, well maybe later as I really wanna talk about the whore that I dated three nights ago. As you all know I post here now and then, but like I’ve told many of you and have actually posted stating I don’t like to use dating sites. Well the guys over at Sexy Milfs read one of my posts and got hold of me and gave me a free lifetime pass to their dating service. What can I say “Thanks” I’m honored. Now that I have this free VIP pass I need to at least check it out, to see what it’s all about. Well, after three hours (this was three days ago by the way) I had already hooked up with this whore milf that wanted to fuck and lived three blocks away from my office. I told my wife that I was working late and I didn’t waste time. I met up with her at a friends home and we had the most incredible sex ever, what an incredible two hours of glory! I’m going to keep this free pass and use it every time that my wife and the kids go to her mothers for the weekend :)

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I was searching for cheating milfs on Google, when I cam over this site. It wasn’t among the top searches at all, I think it was located on page two. Anyway, it seemed to be the most interesting of them all and it had some pretty good darn reviews. That was enough for me to sign up with the free trial and check them out. Like very few others it did work only that it worked a lot better.

I actually met this chick at first look, her name is Gloria Hunter age 37, married but still looking. Its a matter of fact that she tole me, she has never stopped cheating on her husband even when they were still not married she was fucking other guys and so on through out the years.

I asked to see her in a sex way and this as you can see is how she came on webcam the other day, naked in just a pair of stockings and heels. I do like them that way, a lot. The date was on for tomorrow, but there’s been a few changes in the plan as my fucking wife isn’t leaving for her mothers tomorrow (Friday) but only on Saturday morning, so we slipped it up 24 hours. This waiting is driving me nuts!!

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I always want to get laid, I mean thats nothing strange. My wife however isn’t always willing to give it to me, she’ll let me have it only when shes willing I fucking hate that shit and we’ve been having sex less and less in these past months. At a certain point I listened to a good friend of my sister and signed up at Amateur Match. As soon as I did I thought that it was a total waste of time, Yup, until I filled in my profile and seen that I was contacted by 11 people in my town, in 48 hours. I’ll have to say, not all of them were hotties, you know babes of all kinds, but among them were three that were totally smoking hot, I thought that it was a joke and that their profiles were fake. That however was not the case. One of them, the chick in the pic below, came on webcam to chat and she was already named and asked me to strip down as well, she posed for a few minutes on cam, showing me all her goods and asked me if I wanted to go out tomorrow evening…

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…I explaind that I’m married and that I can only meet during working hours and she had no problem with that at all, we will be seeing one another for the first time tomorrow evening and I’ll keep you all informed on how the sex dating evening went!

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How about that for a pair of knockers? They belong to a 20 year old Big Tits Webcams chick called Tracy Genner. Shes from New York, but originally from Germany where she lived for the first 4 years of her life. Graduating in two years time from college, shes a webcam girl for the time that shes still at school. Manly because she needs the cash, but also because she likes it and because shes hot and maybe in ten years time she wont be, so she’s hitting the iron when its still hot and I’d say its very fucking hot!

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She’s not the only one that I like a lot on the network of webcam babes this site is on. There are hundreds that I have seen and thousands more that I need to check out and so far I really do like them all. I like the College webcam category the most, but right behind it comes the Milf webcam page that is full of hot wild sluts and all seem to be cock hungry. Some (I’d say 25 percent of the chicks) are also bisexual, so if you’re a chick looking for a chick, you’ll get lucky surfing

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Has anyone checked out the Lingerie category or the chubby one or even the bizarre pages on I got a good combination of all three this week and I’m very happy with what I found. I found a chubby chick of the name of Julia, shes Italian, that is over weight, likes to dress up in classy Lingerie and is a little bizarre. For example, she loves to fuck her ass with as many feeling good objects as she can. Yesterday I was in a private show with her and she slide a baseball bat up her pussy and today when we got back together she showed me her new toy, a fresh banana and she then put the cam pointing at her crack and slid that piece of fruit up her ass and fucked that shitter till she came hard.


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I really never knew that she was such a fucking whore, at least she hid it very well from me. Hi there everyone this is Robert T. I do reviews on all sorts of webcam sites from Free Gay Web Chat to straight sites such as and more. A lot of chicks know that I’m connected with the webcam world and many ask me to get them connected with this world as they want to become web cam models and make some good cash simply by getting off at the same time. Then came along who you see in the photograph below, she’s Barbara 20 years old and wanted to prove to me that she’d be a perfect live sex model, as I was a little skeptical on what she said, she pulled down my pants right there and started to suck my cock. I got a few great pics on my android and will be posting one a day on my blog network.

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Our latest addition at LFF is glad to announce the arrival of Terri our newest addition to our never ending list of webcam girls. Shes American born but both her parents were born in Cuba and came over in the 80′ on a Banana boat just like Tony Scarface did. She was introduced to us by NikkiBender , that happens also to be from Cuban decent and is a true hotty and a celebrity among cam girls. Well, Terri came in yesterday and we did a shootout and a porno to see how she did, and she did just fucking awesome. Did I say that she also likes cock up her ass and I mean she prefers it more behind than in front, so this will be something that the producers that make the pornos for will be very happy to know about as it’s not that easy to fund very hot chicks willing to get their ass fucked for over an hour in a porn scene.


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This is the only pic that we have together, I had my roommate come in when I was fucking this very hot chick up the ass. I met her on Amateur Match, the mobile site that they have. I thought that it was going to be the usual fucking bullshit that every dating website has to offer and that the chicks were fake. Nope, not in this case, not in the case of See the chicks they have on their site are all babes that have a life, have a relationship, but would like to meet someone from their town that is also in a relationship and would simply like to meet up and fuck and that was the case with Jenna the chick in the pic below. Shes got a BF that is an IRS agent (yikes) and works out of town, he isn’t into banging her ass, so she chose Amateur Match to find someone that would destroy her back hole for a few hours, and this time around it was me as you can see.

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There are rumors that Taylor is half Asian, can anyone confirm that, because if thats the case she should be on this Asian webcams page. If she were I’d be on it all the fucking time. I have a thing for chicks of the far east, Japs, Koreans, Thais, they’re all really hot babes and they will go to any extent to make their men happy. I remeber one babe that I hit on a few years back, she was from Kyoto in Japan, but has lived in the US since that she was very young, now shes 22. Well I’d tell her that I was coming over and she knew that I liked sexy lingerie and she would put it on all the time, she knew that I loved long BJ’s and thats what she would do every time, suck my dick for a good 45 minutes. She also knew that I like to poke a tight ass, and yes we did that as well all the time!


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Her filthy thing would be everything and when I say everything I mean it, no fucking kidding. I check out this babe and I ask her if she wanted to go into a p2p private show and she wasn’t busy so thats what we did. By the way this is on livefree fun the largest slut webcam network in the US and Canada. Well we started and she tripped down to her bare ass leaving only her stockings on. She then asked me would sher like me to see her shove 4 dildos up her ass at the same time. I said ummm OK. I mean it was something that you don’t see every day, well she did and once that she was done smashing her ass for the next 30 minutes, she had the biggest gape that I have ever seen, I could ride my sons skateboard up there no fucking kidding. So if you like that kind of stuff then dont waste time and go check her out.


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